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Apollo Havok Gadget Scarlet TinyandCrank
Apollo Havok Gadget Scarlet Tiny and Crank
Tokin Shank Stitches Rook Aurora
Tokin Shank Stitches Rook Aurora

Titans are used in both single player campaigns and multiplayer raids to attack enemy cities. They are used in conjunction with normal troop units to deal damage to buildings within an enemy city in hopes up killing the city’s Keep.

Titans differ from normal troops in that they allow more player control. As a player, you are able to select which Titans you want to use, what attacks they use, where they attack a city, and how they are levelled. This gives players the ability to customize attacks based on their preferred style of play.

Currently, there are 9 Titans that can be unlocked (Titans are unlocked by levelling the Titan Tavern):

Apollo The Knight Captain – Apollo leads your Armies with charm, skill, and swordplay

Tiny and Crank The Rabble-Rousers  – Tiny and Crank leave a path of destruction and arguments in their wake wherever they go.

Gadget The Engineer – Gadget offers air to ground support using the power of science.

Tokin The Natural Healer – Tokin heals and supports your Armies with his helpful Nature Magic.

Havok The Orc Berserker – Havok destroys anything and anyone in his path with powerful dual axes.

Shank The Goblin Assasin - Shank moves like a shadow through enemy ranks and attacks with his deadly daggers.

Scarlet The Lotus Warrior - Scarlet breaks the Keeps and hears of enemies with her exlopding Lotuses and amazing sword skills.

Stitches The Trickster - Stiches uses deception and illusions to take out the enemy where they least expect it.

Rook The Tower Knight - Rook offers up his shield to protect your entire Army from the enemy defenses.

Aurora The Frost Mage - Aurora freezse your enemy’s moats and buildings with powerful winter magic.

Customizing Titans

Each Titan that is unlocked through upgrading the Titan Tavern starts as a level 1 Titan with normal rarity. The overall power of a Titan can be improved by increasing their levels, levelling their skills, upgrading their Items, and improving their Rarity.

Levelling Titans

Max Titans levels are capped by the Titan Tavern level. Each increase in Titan level results in an increase in strength and health. Titanite is spent to level the Titan.

Titan Rarity

Each Titan starts out with a "Normal" rarity but can be upgraded to "Rare" then "Epic" then "Legendary." Each increase in rarity unlocks a new Titan Skill and increases the power of that Titan. To improve the rarity of a Titan, Titan Shards must be spent. Titans must be a certain level to increase rarity

Rarity Titan Shard Cost Titan Level
Normal N/A N/A
Rare 100 5


250 10
Legendary 500 15

Titan Skills

Titans levels are capped by the Titan level. Each increase in rarity unlocks a new Titan skill that can be levelled. A Titans skill level cannot be higher than the Titan's level that it belongs to. Titan Skill levels are upgraded by spending Titanite.

Titan Skill Level Titanite Cost
1 N/A
2 400
3 800
4 1200
5 1600
6 2000
7 3000
8 4000
9 5000
10 7500
11 10000
12 12500
13 15000
14 17500
15 20000
16 22500
17 25000
18 30000
19 40000
20 50000

Titan Items

Each titan come with three different items equipped to them that offer different bonuses. These Items can be created and upgrade by spending Item Elixir.