Titanite is an in-game resource that can be used to level up Titans and improve their skills.

Getting Titanite

Players can earn Titanite through completing raids of other villages successfully or buy Treasures that may contain Titanite.


Each successful City Raid rewards a player with a certain amount of Titanite. The amount of Titanite that a player earned is determined by the amount of damage dealt to the opposing City’s Keep and Titan Tavern. Titanite can be earned even if the player loses the battle. One Titanite is rewarded for every 5% of the Keep's or Titan Tavern's HP is dealt in the Raid. That means if a player doesn’t deal any damage to a Keep or Titan Tavern in a Raid they won’t earn any Titanite. I

Spending Titanite

Titanite can be spent to level up currently owned Titans. It can also be used to upgrade a Titan's skills.

Below is the cost per level to level up any Titan:

Titan Level Titanite Cost
1 0
2 10
3 25
4 50
5 75
6 100
7 200
8 300
9 500
10 1,000
11 1,500
12 2,500
13 5,000
14 7,500
15 10,000
16 15,000
17 20,000
18 25,000
19 30,000
20 40,000
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