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Titan Empires is a strategy game that is available on iOS and Android devices. It's a free game to download but there the ability to make in-game purchase to quicken progress.

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Lead your army to greatness in Titan Empires, the next evolution in strategy gaming! With faster-paced combat and clever tactics, train and equip your powerful Titans to unleash a flurry of skills in battle.

Join an Empire of players, get help fortifying your city, and use your Titans to defend friends from would-be raiders. Now's your chance to take on the Shadow Empire and forge your own Empire to rise above all others.

  • Recruit a number of Titans and choose how you want to hone their many unique skills!
  • Take control of war! Unleash your Titans' skills when and where YOU want them!
  • Sick of waiting for timers? Collect free Essence to build your city and train your army instantly!
  • Join an Empire to work together, protect your friends, and fortify their cities!
  • Quest daily for tons of magical items to equip and customize your Titans!
  • Every month, compete in new Master Ranks Seasons or help your Empire rise to the top!
  • Campaign against the Shadow Empire, raid others' cities, or crush entire Empires in the coming Wars!

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