Diamonds are the premium in-game currency used to finish timed tasks immediately and to purchase Gold and Iron.

When players first set up an account they begin with 500 Diamonds. Additional Diamonds can be earned during play by completing Achievements, as a bonus for your first Victory of the day, successfully defending against attacks, getting rewards for ranking in an Empire, inviting Friends to the game with Facebook, getting Facebook diamond gifts, by completing offers, or they can be purchased with real money.

Players cannot trade Diamonds with one another. Nor can they plunder Diamonds from one another as a result of battle.

Spending DiamondsEdit

Diamonds can be used in several ways:

  • Fill your storage of Gold and Stone from their present level to maximum by hitting the Fill Now button

  • Instantly finish the Troop training queues in the Barracks

  • Instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Resources, Defenses, and Army buildings, even when you don’t have the resources necessary to do the task normally

  • Purchase Rare to Legendary Treasures can be purchased with Diamonds.

  • Instantly finish Troop Research in the War Academy.

  • Instantly awaken Titans

  • Purchase extra Builders.

  • Upgrade your Essence Mill

Earning DiamondsEdit

Diamonds can be earned in several ways:

  • Completing Achievements. For example, the ‘Can’t Take it With You - End a battle with 40 Mana’ awards players who complete the Achievement with 10 Diamonds.

  • First Victory of the day earns a 10 Diamond bonus.

  • Gaining a new Battle Rank earns a 5 Diamond bonus.

  • Any attack upon your city that ends with your Victory earns 5 Diamonds, shown and collected from your Defense Log.

  • Every day, Diamonds are awarded to players for holding rank within an Empire. The higher the rank, the more Diamonds awarded.

  • A player earns 30 Diamonds for connecting to Facebook. Further, a player earns 25 Diamonds per friend invited to the game, and more Diamonds every day for friends who join the game. Don’t worry, Titan Empires never posts on your Wall.

  • Finally, players can earn Diamonds by completing offers as shown in the Store.

Purchasing DiamondsEdit

Level Number of Diamonds Price

Diamond Pile

500 $4.99
Diamond Pouch 1,200 $9.99
Diamond Stash 2,500 $19.99
Diamond Crate 6,500 $49.99
The Motherload 14,000 $99.99